Blackfords believe that regular cutting of your lawn, to a height suitable for type of turf purchased with a sharp bladed lawnmower are the three most important factors for obtaining a lawn to be proud of.


It is difficult to say how often you need to cut your lawn as this depends on a number of factors: the type of turf laid, the time of the year, application of fertiliser, watering, etc. You will however, know just by looking at it so the rule is mow it when it needs it.


The actual height of the turf is a matter of preference. Generally 25mm is considered a good height. Too short a lawn will allow encourage weeds and thus require more care. Remember if you do let your law grow too high because you are away on holiday then raise the cut on the lawn mower and reduce the height by no more than a third of the height of the grass and do this until the required height is obtained.

The type of lawnmower used for cutting whether cylinder or rotary action makes only a minor difference as both type of mowers work well. To select the mower that is right for you whether petrol ( for larger lawns) or electric (for lawns up to approx ), cylinder or rotary, check the internet, consult the mower manufacturers brochures, talk to your neighbours or the grounds staff at sports clubs in your vicinity.


Clipping are the other aspect that is of interest. At Blackfords we believe in collecting the grass clipping as at some stage it could lead to problems if the grass is cut incorrectly. However, there is a school of thought that says it is not necessary to collect clippings unless they stop the sunlight reaching the lawn. Grass clippings in themselves can be rich in nutrients, and returning them to the turf in small amounts could help in giving a healthier grass.