Blackfords supply two bark mulches Spruce Ornamental and Ornamental Bark Mulch. 




Spruce ornamental is a versatile matured British conifer bark mulch, dark brown in colour and is suitable for use on garden borders and landscaped areas.





Ornamental bark mulch is a long lasting matured European pine bark, golden brown in colour and suitable fore use on decorative beds, borders, tubs and planters




Bark mulches are generally used to suppress weeds, conserve soil moisture, act as an insulating layer during the winter months, slowly improve a soils organic content as it decomposes and visually enhances appearances.

The mulches themselves are long lasting, relatively free flowing, easy to handle and lay requiring no specialist tools, require little maintenance, have a good resistance to wind and wind erosion, are peat free, and are made from natural friendly renewable resources. Additionally the bark mulches have been independently tested and conform to BS 4790: 1987 for fire resistance properties.