Scarifying is the vigorous use of a spring tine or wire rake or proprietary machine to remove thatch from the lawn. Between the roots and foliage there is a layer of living or dead fibrous material known collectively as thatch which can be beneficial in moderation or if too thick detrimental to the lawn.


Blackfords recommend scarification as part of your autumn lawn maintenance programme and NOT as many suggest in Spring as this, we, believe makes the lawn more susceptible to drought and aesthetically makes the lawn less attractive for quite some time.


For small areas scarifying can be done manually by use of a lawn rake but for large areas it is sensible to use a powered scarifier. These are available for hire from local hire firms and some garden centres and DIY stores.


When scarifying work in a methodical manner first raking one way and the at right angles until all the lawn has been done and remember to remove all scarified material from the lawn.