Blackfords Turf and Topsoil Ltd have already ensured that they only supply the highest quality turf sown with the very best independently tested seed used to produce that turf. Blackfords inspect the turfs daily to establish that their quality criteria are maintained, and you too can use the same criteria for buying turf.


The turf should: 

  • Be neatly stacked and well presented
  • Be completely free of broad leaf weeds
  • Have no more than 6mm of thatch in the turf
  • Have sharp edges on the rolls and not be ragged
  • Be free from holes and tears
  • Be consistently mown
  • Exhibits a rich green colour


Blackfords Turf and Topsoil Ltd supply three types of turf which cater for all requirements.


Commercial Lawn Turf


Commercial lawn turf is suitable for a variety of applications. Whilst inexpensive it can be used for virtually any application. It does not have the very rich appearance of the premium quality turf or the Rolawn Medallion but is hardwearing and durable, has a good appearance, is good for a family lawn or for commercial properties.


Premium Quality Turf


The premium quality turf can be considered as a half way house between Commercial Lawn Turf and the ultimate Rolawn Medallion. It is good for a family lawn but not quite as hardwearing or as durable as the Commercial Turf but has the same fine leaf appearance, hardwearing properties, similar appearance, similar strength and relatively low maintenance of the Rolawn Medallion Turf.


Rolawn Medallion Turf


The Medallion turf has been specially cultivated to produce turf with an outstanding fine leafed appearance that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought resistant. It is a superior turf suitable for a range of applications where a high quality, top class appearance, strength and low maintenance are important. If you want the ultimate then this is the turf for you.


The decision is yours.


Please note that if turf is laid in areas of heavy shade or on the top of an old lawn it is unlikely to thrive.


If you are unsure which turf you need contact Blackfords on 01793 772676 for advice.