Ground preparation is vital to the future of your new lawn. Inadequately prepared and unfertilised ground never do give totally satisfactory results.


Any existing turf should be removed by cutting under the grass with a spade and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way perhaps to your local green waste recycling centre.


The soil needs to be turned over ideally to a depth of 150 mm (about 6 inches). This can be achieved by digging over the area or if the area is large by using a rotovator. This is best done when the soil is dry and friable and when you have finished the area should be free of any debris, stones weeds or old turf.


The soil should then be worked to produce a consistently fine soil quality.


Blackfords screened topsoil is an ideal base on which to lay your selected turf.




A pre-turfing soil fertiliser should be applied and raked into the soil. Blackfords Pre-Turfing Fertiliser 6-9-6 is ideal for this and gives excellent value in comparison to proprietary brands. Whatever you use, the manufacturers application rates should always  be followed for the very best results.


Raking and Watering


The ground should be raked over to produce a smooth surface or fine tilth. A wide rake makes levelling easier. At this stage the ground should be lightly rolled or firmed by foot to reveal any soft areas which then can be raked level. This process may have to be carried out a number of times until the ground is evenly firm but not compacted and exhibits a smooth consistency i.e. a fine tilth.  About two days before the turf is due to arrive water the area so that soil become moist to a depth of about 75mm