Before ordering your turf please ensure that the ground on which the turf is to be laid has already been prepared. Turf needs to be laid as soon as possible after deliver to prevent it overheating. A rough guide is that it should be laid within 12 hours in the spring and summer and within 24 hours in the autumn and winter. If this is not possible then each turf needs to be unrolled.


Before you start laying the turfs you will need boards to walk on, a sharp knife and/or a half moon edging tool to cut the turfs and a rake.


Start by laying turfs along the longest straight edge of the lawn area if that is possible. Butt and push the ends against each other taking care not stretch the turfs and cut to the required length at the end of the row. On the second and subsequent rows the turfs should be staggered as in brickwork fashion. This time the turfs should be butted and pushed against each other both along the edge and the ends of the turfs.


Its best to avoid walking on newly laid turf so boards should be placed for working on and walking along.


As you lay the turfs these should be lightly firmed down to ensure the turf has good contact with the soil. The head of a rake held vertically and pressed against the turf has been found to be very effective but don’t use a roller.


Any remaining cracks can be filled with a light soil and then lightly tamped down. Blackfords small bags (approx 25kg) of finely screened topsoil are ideal for this. The grass will soon grow into the cracks or if you want to you can sow a little grass seed.


Turfs can be shaped to follow gently sloping borders by cutting with a knife or the half moon edging tool.